The INVISIBLE LOOP SYSTEM is "shopper friendly" with no obtrusive side panels or pedestals. The system is installed inside the door frame or mall entrance walls for any size opening. There is never a trade-off of store design and decor for security merchandise tagging.

The INVISIBLE LOOP SYSTEM solves the dilemma faced by store designers who may have to make concessions for the appearance of a security tagging system.

Alarm lights and sounders are discretely located overhead of the entrance and may be "zoned" to aid in the identification of shoplifters passing through the door. The detection capability of the INVISIBLE LOOP SYSTEM is the highest in the industry, even over mall openings as wide as 30+ ft.

All detection systems provide a unique "chirp" feature to alert staff to tagged merchandise too close to the exit. When tagged merchandise displayed is in the fringe of the detection zone, the system "chirps" quietly to warn staff before a false alarm can occur.


Pictured below are the components used for installation of our systems.

The “control box” can be mounted in an inconspicuous area in the wall adjacent to the exit, above the entryway, in the staging area or on a wall near the exit.

The “rod antennas” are dropped down the columns or drywall next to the entryway or hidden in the floor. The “dome antenna” is another option and is mounted to the left and the right of the exit. The “puck antenna” would be located in the floor below the finished floor for an unseen antenna. The “surface mount” antennas would be located to the left and right of the exit. The type of antenna/s used are determined by the individual site requirements and site mandates.

The digital display box which is audible and visual, sounds when the system alarms and displays the number the system has alarmed; is typically installed above the exit.